What we offer

Concept Design / Interior and Facade

The first step towards creating the design is to propose concept design plans and elevations after the first meeting conducted with the Client. It is very important to understand the Client’s mood  to provide him with the mood board which will the baseline of the full design.

Detailed Design

Based on the concept design, approved by the Client, we elaborate the detailed design drawings (plans & sections); it will include the finishing and interior details for the various trades.

Then, plans will be used to proceed with the Electro-Mechanical drawings for the related project.

Project Perspectives/3D Models

In order to assist the Client in visualizing the real output of our design, we will provide the rendered perspectives and 3D models of the project. Any adjustments or modifications will be considered in this phase to avoid abortive work during execution

Tender Documents

After design is complete and approved, we proceed with the tender documents of the project; i.e. full specifications and detailed BOQ for each trade. The specs recommended by our Engineers shall satisfy international building codes.

The Client then will be able to price the project easily with any Contractor and fairly compare the prices apple to apple in order to nominate the best offer.

Permit File

After the design phase is complete, we can draw the permit file, as per the building law, submit it, and do the necessary follow up to finalize it in the governmental offices (Order of Engineers…).

The Client will need the permit file to be signed and finalized before starting execution.


After gaining the permit, our skilled and qualified team will be ready to proceed with the execution of the project based on Turnkey, Lumpsum, or Cost Plus contracts or any other terms after agreement with the Client.


If the Client wishes to nominate a Contractor to execute his project, we can provide supervision services after agreement with the Client to assure all executions are matching with the approved design drawings.